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Breakfast, lunch, dinner for $500 per month!!
Sign up today to start redeeming, eat 3 meals a day at Blueys.

Join our subscription plan and eat for cheaper than you can make it at home. That’s $5.50 per meal.

No contract. Cancel at any time!

Eat paleo, vegan, or gluten-free without meal prepping or planning. Enjoy a wide variety of offerings from Burrito, salads, burgers & gluten-free sweet squash pancakes.
Menu items can always be customized to match your dietary preferences.

Here are all the details:

  • Redeem one entree at a time, at least 4 hours apart. No bulk ordering
  • Inquire about off menu specials
  • No additions may be added to entrees
  • Place your order over the phone or in person for dine in/takeout
  • Meals ordered & not picked up will be charged in full to your account
  • Only the person who purchased the plan is permitted to redeem
  • Cancel your plan at any time, however we can not offer refunds
  • No delivery available, store pick up only

Questions, comments? Email or call us at (310) 586-7419.

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